(8) Dealing with the mental struggles within

The one consistent trend that I’ve noticed has been the mental strain from pressured unforeseen situations. This consistency existed even before university during my school years all the way up to my current working life post graduation. Whether this was working through my GCSEs, university exams or even all the way through to social pressures faced within my friendship circles among groups both within and outside of work. But I was clueless even during the first few years after university in tackling this. 

At this point I will give major credit to my fiancée who introduced this new concept podcasts to me. At first I thought what worth would I get from listening to people talk to each other about random topics. If anything I would probably find it annoying, wouldn’t I? But hidden within this question I found my answer. i.e the topic. 

I started listening to various random podcasts at first none of which really sparked my attention. However once I started listening to topics surrounding mental wellbeing, I found these to be incredible. How have I never given this a chance before! What I didn’t see coming was through just listening to these podcasts I was able to visualise my challenges from a completely different perspective. It was definitely eye opening.  

PROGRESSION POINTER 15: Give something new a try, but more importantly really give it a chance! I was ready to give up on podcasts until I found a topic that really reached out to me and has helped me to date. These sort of things you can’t be taught and will only learn from experiencing it yourself. Once I found it, it was inspirational beyond belief. 

One example of a truly inspirational podcaster I listen to is Jay Shetty; some of you who may have already heard of. He focuses on why we do certain things in a certain manner and really asks questions that most of us avoid in our day to day life. He himself took a totally different career path by starting in the corporate world for a very short period but then went to live as a monk for three years to develop his mental strength! (disclaimer: don’t go live as a monk just because of this post! ). He chose to focus on skills that will improve his outlook on life. 

This was truly inspiring as I’ve always seen people around me not take action when the mental pressures start taking a toll! But by action I mean the little steps; such as listening to a podcast, reading a blog like this, talking about your own experiences, helping others in your situation! These are all steps to help ease the pressures we feel in uncontrollable difficult circumstances.

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I decided to hold a presentation to Company 5 on stress management and work-life balance. I found by just speaking my mind and expressing my views on this topic to be therapeutic. This in effect sparked many one-to-one conversations, including conversations with partners at the firm which I found to be both shocking and inspiring. Shocking as it hit me how wide of a scope these issues span throughout a lifetime, but inspiring as I was given the opportunity to hear about their personal journey too and actions they are currently taking as well as in the past.

This post has focussed more on mental wellbeing rather than my literal career journey. But the intention has been to reach out to individuals who have faced similar mental burdens that students do too in completely different contexts. Podcasts have been one of my true mental medicines, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only one!

My career path thus far has involved a lot of balancing post graduation exams with work and social wellbeing, but it has been training my mental strength that has been core to my success to date.

In my next post I will dive into how I managed to complete the ACA chartered accounting qualification whilst balancing this with my social life, life priorities and relationships – utilising this strength !


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