(7) A whole new perception of the working world

The move to the medium sized accountancy practice (Company 5) helped me gain an insight in working for a close knit company of around 60 people. The key words here are close knit!  

To date I have never worked for a company where on a personal level people communicate, chat, have a laugh – but on all levels of the hierarchy! When going to the pub for a drink, the entire firm is invited and that invite can be sent by any single individual. This welcoming nature was extremely attractive especially, I had never really worked in a company which chose to remove the segregation of various cliques from a social perspective.

PROGRESSION POINTER 13: When joining a new workplace, don’t be afraid to ask colleagues for a social catch up! Whether it be drink, coffee, lunch. The most important way to integrate into a company isn’t by impressing people by the work you do, it’s the way you interact with people on a personal level!

QUICK FLASHBACK KEY TAKEAWAY: If I was to look back over the past years since graduation, not a single memory that I cherish involves impressing someone with the work I did (…which doesn’t mean I didn’t!). The memories I’ve taken away revolve around the people, especially those who have chosen to make an effort. i.e people who have made an effort to get to know me, how I would like to work and my growth – rather than the individuals who use you as only a resource.

At this firm I have seen both extremes of this if I’m honest. On the negative side I have worked for individuals who get distressed when their method of teaching is not effective, but on the much more positive side there are those individuals who you give you the chance but more importantly, confidence to express your views and listen. These are the people, (one person in particular at this firm who I shall give MASSIVE credit to being Stuart!), who you as a person would love to work for. i.e a great leader.

As I have grown throughout my years thus far, my biggest takeaway is to be an inspiration to those both junior as well as senior. This reminds me of a presentation I did at this firm on ‘work life balance and stress management’ which I will always take away as a great achievement. It enabled me to reach out to those individuals who had decades more ‘work-experience’ than I had but were still facing similar issues as many of us!

PROGRESSION POINTER 14: Whatever stage of life those around you are in life, every individual is still learning to be better. There will be aspects that you understand which others may not (even whilst as a student!) and I don’t mean just from a technical point of view in whatever career path you take. I emphasise on the importance of teaching people to handle themselves, correct their mistakes but most importantly the significance of remaining positive!

There have been many personal struggles I have faced both through university and thereafter, but this turned into a key strength for me as I have learnt how to deal with this much quicker. However there are many who have never really experienced this, potentially even your friends who have never dealt with mental hardship. Therefore take your experiences as a massive positive in the long run and don’t look at just the short run.

In my next blog (which I am excited about!) I will dive into what inspired me to do a presentation on such a soft skills topic mentioned above, via the power of motivational podcasts!






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