(3) Understand The Job For You – Explore Your Options

My first graduate offer since graduating! But I rejected it…

Not many people know this, but prior to even obtaining a job at Company 3 as a junior data analyst, I had received an offer elsewhere as an Accounts Trainee, with support to complete any professional qualification I desired. This was what I had worked towards for the past 8 months but I rejected it! Why?

Two reasons; working environment and career progression within the firm.

Although the offer seemed appealing on paper, there was a huge difference between what I had researched and what I had physically experienced. Personally I believed that there was something else in the near future that was waiting for me. I had to write out the advantages of accepting this offer compared to the risks involved if I was to reject it. It was more of a gut feeling…but I went with it!

I was now in a situation where I had rejected the offer, whilst still working at my local supermarket on weekends only, with only ‘potential’ job interviews ahead of me.

PROGRESSION POINTER 6: Do not be afraid to reject an offer if you believe it is not for you. Go with your gut feeling! However it is incredibly difficult to make a decision based on your guts, therefore it is important to also back this up with other reasons (e.g mine was to work within a comfortable working environment). Always remember that your opinion of the company now compared to when you first applied may have drastically changed. Put yourself first in these situations and don’t waste time.


Time to leave the ‘Kwik-E-Mart’- One hell of an experience!

Handing in my resignation notice on the same day as being named one of ten ‘employees of the month’ was definitely the most awkward way to resign (completely coincidental). However once the deed was done, the store manager was fully supportive of my next steps with plenty of advice provided.

The sheer support from the senior members I have received to date has truly been something unexpected and a real eye opener. What I learnt at this point was that movement is normal. I understand now that you should never be afraid to leave a firm. I realised that if I work for someone who was a true leader,  who commits to my development, they will keep committing to me even after departing my role.

[Random personal opinion: This is why I 100% support these zero hour contracts at companies such as this supermarket as it provides both employees and these managers with the flexibility to move around and maintain relationships].


Company 3: Another Exploration

My next step was at Company 3 as Junior Data Analyst to explore the practical side of the operational research aspect of my course at university. The interview for this role was extremely relaxed and made me feel as though I belonged there.

PROGRESSION POINTER 7: In any interview that you attend, always make sure that the interviewer/future manager suits your needs and what you are looking for in a leader. Remember that even if you do get the job, you are wasting your own time if you’re working for a manager you despise. Make sure you work for a leader. Do not just try to impress, be yourself!

I knew this manager was an individual I would love to work under when I was provided with the opportunity to learn a (required) software called SPSS, prior to making a decision about the job offer. Without necessarily knowing that I would stay, she showed me her willingness to invest in my development, even if I did not have the required technical skill-set for the job.


Operational Research….definitely was not for me

Coming towards the end of 3 months here, I realised that the industry and career path was did not suit my interests (it just felt a bit too robotic to be honest).

What I did  think at this point, like anyone else would was, ‘would I have been better of accepting the other job opportunity as an Accounts Trainee?’. My answer was, No. At this point I realised that following my gut whilst having no regrets was how I planned to evaluate similar opportunities in the future.

PROGRESSION POINTER 8: Do not settle for a job just for the sake of earning money and being employed. Money will always come one way or another, whatever job you do. Do not turn yourself into a machine whilst seeking the right role. If it is not for you get out and keep and open mind!

Although I was provided the opportunity to continue working at this firm, I had decided to pursue another opportunity that arose a few months earlier…

Which leads me to my job….at a big four accountancy firm – Company 4!


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